37 streaming music websites, you should check out

Last Update 25 September 2012 G.

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“Dude, you have to hear this!” This statement is often used here, and I usually say it. I’ve been saying it for years. In fact, my insatiable appetite for the discovery of new music dates back to my days as a teenager when I rocked a gifant CD player. Then we had no preise music; the only way to share the music with my friends is to physically take the CD, whenever they are, and put it in the stereo. Dude, I was changing times. First, we get downloadable MP3-we can just tell a friend to check something in iTunes, CD Baby, Rhapsody, or anything. You, this is a completely different ball game …

The street music revolutionized the way we acquire and listen to our melodies ..

The best in this situation.

Don’t drink, though, like a full music nut, I tend to stumble over a lot of these sites. This is my attempt to create a guide for them (at least in America-I’m sorry.

I have tried sealed times to organize these sites acorders to their basic methods of stream radio, on demand, or on what you have. I also group the most popular at the top. I hope you find something you’ll like. That’s it.These are the most popular, the most famous services. Some offer several streaming options while others focus on one method in particular …

One of the first options for strengthening music that will appear on the network is

One of the options here is absolute no free option,

It’s probably the best opportunity.

Easily my favorite website of street music.

Often considered as the most direct competitor to Pandora,

Now that I have passed through the most popular options, I will organize the rest of the sites in this post the most of the most of feature in which they are based on the ball of requests, radio stations, streaming of music or cool gymnassts such as congruent sensuts, interesting kureka, focus on one partiular genre or cut social stakes. Never, before I fall into these categories, I want to visit the three sites I feel do not fit into any of them (for various reasons) ..

These are the sites that I said do not fit into the four categories I mentioned. While all of them offer great music performance experience, they may not be what you expect when you think about music streaming sites. And yet, I think they reserve your attention, so I include them here …

A lot of people actually use YouTube for streaming music. A giant website with a shared video contains a rathner large piece of music recorded in the world, as (1) it is actually the third most poplar site in the world (acording to lex), 2) it allows someone to download videos, and 3) record labels about just allowed music to be downloaded and have iTunes links automatically planted under the video. However, making playlists is a kind of pain if you just want them for music. Enter.

As the world’s leaving social sound platform.

More platforms for artists to advance and sell their music.

[ Site Description]

Now that I’ve covered unconvention sites, let ‘ s go directly to sites that offer strictly personal streaming functions. And all that jazz!These are sites that throw all this the ute sharing and cudgel from the equation-they strictly offer personal stream. You download your own music, and you can send it to other computers or mobile devices. These services are great for people who buy all their music and want to see only their collection, but who may not have sex on their mobile phone to save all the music in your pocket …

In May, Google rolled out a personal strengthening music called.

Amazon’s own personal strategy option, the

[ Site Description]

All right, cool, get unlimited and personal strategy down. Let ‘ s inherit the options on demand as follows!

These are sites that make it a top priority for “on demand”. This category includes such as Grooveshark, Spotify, Rdio and GEO. These sites provide you with a search string and allow you to play individual tracks as much as you like (sometimes free of charge, at other times). They can or cannot integrate playlists and radio, but they all give you basic experience. There are only a new entries in this category; indent, the best service on demand is already listed (Grooveshark, Spotify, GNIN, Rdio) ..

[ Site Description]

The Fizy-service, which I just faked above-pulls music from various sources to create a relable search service.

[ Site Description]

[ Site Description]

Now that we’ve gone through the services on demand, let ‘ s look at more focused sites that offer streaming. It’s a little more …

Streaming sites in the Radio category are aimed at the delivery of targealed radio stations to radio people on the ball of a certain genre, performer or other interests. Unlike services on demand, radio services do not allow to simulate search for songs and play in them. Intead, you pick the station and listen to what happen; in some cases you can skip the songs and go to the next if you don’t like them. The popular streaming media that I mentioned include Pandora, Slacker, and Last.fm ..

Before we begin this section, I would like to note that there should be one other “main” category, with demand and radio. I distinguished between websites in the style of playlist from the style of radio freedom, which you have to select tracks; with the possibility of radio-style, you can skip only the next song, and you can’t see the whole list of songs at once. Playlist-style services give you the entire playlist, and you can skip them as you regret it. The reason I don’t have a real Playlist in this post is because every website that I find, which focuses host on playlists, also has a kind of “gimmick” to it. As such, these sites are restin in the Gimmick category below this. Okay, move on …

ShoutCast is a programme of recording/broadcasting since 1999. The software allows any person to create his own station and begin broadcasting. At

Are you one of those high school old men old and old stuff? (and old) If it is, you probably still listen to the radio-not the Internet radio …

Very similar to Pandora,

[ Site Description]

[ Site Description]

[ Site Description]

[ Site Description]

I am very much in love.

We have a service.

K cool bro, now that we’ve finished with the radio stations, let ‘ s move on to our final category-gimmick dates ..

It’s a category for what I call “gimmick” streaming music sites. When I say to Gimmik, I do not mean these sits-these are immiks or bad-just they do something out of the norm. Some focus only on one particular genre, while others are based on an innovative component, such as playlists based on food, Crowdsourcing, or location. All of them are certainly worth worth looking-remember-kuranka = interesting!

Even if you could use the Revoting function to vote on the radio? (I mean, if you’re still listening to the radio …).

[ Site Description]

[ Site Description]

Okay, I’ll admit it:

[ Site Description]

Remember those things you used in the third grade? Yeah, they were pretty useless and just reying on the heat. The “Mood” feature, which MySpace used, was also rather useless. It’s refreshing to finally find something to use your good for something useful.

Another service that maintains playlists based on food.

You want nothing but electronic music? Zhajda never ends the torpedal downpour of techno, trance, doubles, home, hard dance, and everything.

That’s what we are, too.

SoundCloud is a great way to find music litered, but it’s hard to tell what you’re looking for. What if you’re looking for local content, or do you want to see the music science in a particular city?

This local startup was recently ned in my hometown of Dios Moines, Iowa, and has received quite a lot of coverage.

In my humble opinion,

[ Site Description]

[ Site Description]

Here’s an an interesting concept.

One day I wanted to get into classical music, but I had no idea where to start.

It’s as if “CitySounds” and “Locusic” did not make your music fix for you already …

[ Site Description]

[ Site Description]

[ Site Description]

Yeah, yeah, we’ll finally finish it. It’s a huge list of streaming music sites, and I’ve got it.

The sites that died after the publication of this guide are:.

  • sizy (available only in Turkey).
  • Mplayer.
  • AlbumCorner (reader view).
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